Kevin Spacey Ear Market Project debuts first trailer – Deadline

Exclusive: Here is the first trailer of the movie Peter Five EightKevin Spacey marks the first footage of the project being released on the market in about five years

Pique follows Sam (Gendreau), a seemingly handsome and glamorous real estate agent from a small mountain community, who reveals himself as an uninterrupted and troubled alcoholic with a dark secret. Spacey will play the role of a “charismatic” stranger who emerges from the blue at the behest of his powerful and shady boss, Mr. Lock.

The entire project is being managed by VMI International for global sales. Also starring Rebecca de Morne, Jet Gendreau and Jake Weber. Michael Zyko manages the hall.

The film’s marketing tagline is “The Guilty Always Pay the Price”.

Spacey, a two-time Oscar winner and Netflix star House of cardsThere are also historical dramas in the market 1242 – West GatewayAustralian clothing is being sold with Galloping Entertainment.

The two films are one of the first Spacey projects to be sold on the market since 2017 when multiple folk actors accused the actor of sexual harassment and unwanted progress.

Another project that Spacey has participated in in recent years is a play directed by Franco Nero The Man Who Drew GodWhich will be sold at Croisette via OneTwoThree Media.

There is no shortage of actors and directors involved in the controversy in the ear market this year. There are also new films starring or directed by Roman Polanski, Luke Besson, Johnny Depp, Alec Baldwin, and James Franco.

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