Kim Kardashian appeared in black at her older sister’s wedding,

Kim Kardashian Her older sister, Courtney, attended the wedding in a black dress.

This Sunday, Courtney Kardashian Finally said goodbye to his single position in the famous dynasty circle. The 43-year-old bride and 46-year-old Travis Barker were responsible for organizing the stylish celebration and dress in the picturesque Portofino, Dolce & Gabbana. Who, if not a fashion house with a rich history, can realize all the ideas of a couple of sunny Italy? The Kardashian family, with their characteristic initiative, turned the wedding into a business event, so the brand fully sponsored the event.

However, in addition to the newlyweds, the honored guests of the ceremony also wore their bold attire. Particular attention was paid to the mother, manager Chris Jenner, and her glamorous daughters, who have long earned the right to be known as “modern style icons.” The beauties have decided to make the deal fully operational, so fans have been able to see quite a few. Simultaneously their fashionable rebirth.

Platinum blonde Kim Kardashian looks at the gothic image. It’s hard to believe that TV stars with Armenian roots have anything to do with the Mediterranean state. Sicilian lace accentuated her hourglass figure, while the closed silhouette gave a characteristic touch of mystery. A massive choker outfit in the shape of a cross was a great addition and the founder of SKIMS seems to have come out of the canvas of Renaissance painters. And although many people associate black dresses with the tragic fate of Mafia wives, with their departure, caring sisters end the dignity of the big court.

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