Kim Kardashian appeared in front of the fans without dressing gown and makeup

Kim Kardashian Appear in front of fans in a dressing gown and without makeup. Kim Kardashian showed how she looks in the morning without makeup and styling. Wrote in the Daily Mail.
Kim Kardashian appeared in front of fans without makeup and wearing terry-clothes when she let the Kardashian reality show go on camera for the morning shoot.

In this form, as part of the show, he appears in front of his sister, Khalo Kardashian , And his partner Tristan Thompson when they come to him for fitness in the morning – since their house is not complete, they still do not have their own gym. In the morning scene, Kim joins Chloe and Tristan in the gym.

This scene is a rare moment when Kim Kardashian appears in the frame without a detailed picture. Previously, the show’s fans only saw her once without makeup – in an episode called “It’s a Life or Death Situation”.
The reality star was seen shedding tears while talking to Brendan Bernard, who was hanged in December 2020. Kim revealed that she was the last person she spoke to.

She watched makeup free later in the episode, apparently as she walked into the office with wet hair from the shower to find out if she had helped another prisoner. Hard work – Julius Jones – executed or pardoned.

In an interview with CNN’s Van Jones, she shows off her wet hair in a black button-down top and black pants, though she’s soon seen with her entire hair team.

The episode begins where last week’s episode was dropped – when Kendall Jenner came out after an argument with Chris Jenner at Chris Jenner’s house, who was angry that he had invited him to his birthday party.
Earlier, it was reported that Kylie Jenner had overdoed it with Photoshop and removed her knee.

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