Kim Kardashian appeared on the set of The Kardashians in an unusual way

Without a bathrobe and makeup: Kim Kardashian Appeared on the set of The Kardashians in an unusual way.
Fans of the famous family got to see Kim Kardashian in a whole new light. On the May 19 episode of the Hulu reality show, 41-year-old Diva is caught on camera early in the day, waking up shortly after her sister opens her gym and meets Tristan Thompson.
The businesswoman, without hesitation, showed the most normal image in front of the camera. Still, the SKIMS The founder looked gorgeous when she strutted around in a white quilted cloak and pulled her dark brown hair into a ponytail. Recently, fans of the Kardashian family began to lash out at Kim for excessive photoshop on social networks. But this episode proved the opposite: without branded makeup and perfect styling the model just looked stunning. This is the first time fans have seen a star without makeup in a Kardashians reboot.
The next morning, the actress exchanged her casual attire for her brand black tracksuit when Kanye arrived at a firetrack to pick up their mutual babies.
As previously reported, Kim Kardashian has openly admitted that she is worried about her hair, as she thinks that after 10 hours of bleaching, her hair will become bald. So, a lot of people decided that the star would stop experimenting with hairstyles for at least some time, but that didn’t happen. Whenever a 41-year-old businessman appears in a new post on his public and private account, it gives rise to a new wave of controversy over how his hair color or length has changed.

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