Kim Kardashian has vowed not to treat her family like an ear

The Kardashians have kept their families in the spotlight for many years. Almost everyone is aware of the Kardashians and they are well known in the community. Exposing your life to the world is something that almost everyone does nowadays but Kardashians were probably the first in the trend. But promoting your whole life can sometimes be a real problem.

Throughout the show, Kani has entered the show a lot. But in a recent episode of “Keeping up with the Kardashians”, Kim couldn’t help but smile. He claimed that he tried to protect the man who would repeatedly disrespect his family.

In the scene, Kim is seen sitting with her mother Chris Jenner and her sisters Kendall Jenner, Courtney Kardashian and Kholo Kardashian. Kanye was seen warning the group about the song he was about to release. He warned them that he was defaming her in the song. Khloe seems to agree that most men would not publicly insult the mother of their children.

Kim also apologized to her family for the impact of her relationship. She was upset about how Kani was publicly insulting her and her family. Kim decides to keep all Kanye chaos behind her.

Chris Jenner comforted Kim by saying that he had nothing but greatness in his ears. However, it is noteworthy that even Chris Kanye is hurt by what he is saying. He claims that it hurts when someone says something about the family that is not true. This was because the kids in the family were going to read what the adults wrote one day and they would successfully embarrass themselves and the family.

Although it was a difficult time, Kim Kardashian Her new life with boyfriend Pete Davidson seems to be much happier.

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