‘Knight of the Kings’ director Philip Lacotte sets ‘7 gold thieves’ – deadline

Exclusive: The festival follows the favorite and Oscar shortlisted drama Knight of the KingsIvory Coast director Philip Lacotte is making his new feature film 7 Golden Thieves (7 Golden Thieves) His production and co-writing partner Delphine Jacket and Memento’s Paradise City banner have been re-launched.

The story is based on a real belief. In West Africa and in Malink’s imagination, gold has an unambiguous social function, which provides prestige and respect. However, he who steals gold curses his family for seven generations. The project follows a person’s quest to free his family from this ancient curse. Combining the stories of his barbarians over the centuries, the film will cross between West Africa and the United States.

In anticipation of the 2024 shooting, the film is currently being made and is being introduced to potential partners by ear.

Banshee Films and Wasakara Productions are co-producing with Paris-based Paradise City, headed by Emily Georges and Naima Abed. Memento is expected to sell the project even though it is not the sales focus in this market.

Lakot explains: “The film follows a young Sufi Albori with a magical voice trying to free herself from the curse of the gold thieves. The story of this epic will go through several eras, especially the beginning of Islam in Black Africa. “

Jacket added: “Later Knight of the Kings, This new multi-level story embraces issues such as immersion in the African Diaspora and a Sufi community in Harlem. Our goal is to explore very local and specific fantasies and give them a universal dimension. “

Georges commented: “Since our successful collaboration Knight of the Kings, Delphine Jaquet and Phillipe Lacôte. They are truly adept at the art of storytelling, with surprisingly generous and unique sensibilities. We are thrilled to be immersed with them in the rich tapestry of African stories and history and to bring this unique story to an international audience. “

Lacotte’s previous two films have been launched in Cannes and Venice, respectively. Knight of the Kings, Executive-produced by David Wellow, released by Neon in the United States. It followed a young man sent to a prison run by prisoners.

Located in Paradise City, London and Paris, Memento has a production and management division.

Philip Lacot represented by CAA.

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