Landmark Lamel Theater takes over Pasadena Playhouse 7 – Deadline

Landmark Theaters has entered into a long-term lease agreement for the Playhouse 7 movie in Pasadena, CA, previously operated by Laemmle Theater since February 5, 1999.

The family-run art house chain has created a venue at 673 E. Colorado Blvd. From the ground. The multiplex consists of seven screens and 1,300 seats. A summer reopening is planned.

Landmark will upgrade the Playhouse’s sound and projection systems, and in the coming months, after opening, will complete the location’s plush, luxury seating upgrade.

“The acquisition of Playhouse is important to Landmark because we have been able to continue the tradition of quality film screenings to the Pasadena film community. The theater has a deep history, which we look forward to honoring and building in the years to come,” said Kevin Hallway, Landmark’s president.

“It is very gratifying to be able to continue to serve the community with an arthouse theater. We’re investing in the Pasadena Playhouse Village area to support the arts, “said Arash Danilifer.

The new discounts will include traditional movie theater choices, including Orville Radenbacher popcorn and real butter, as well as gourmet and healthy food items. Beer and wine are available, with full spirits.

The new opening of the Landmark Theater this summer includes a nine-screen complex at Annapolis Harbor Center in Maryland and another ten-screen, 1800-seat theater, a suburb of Glenview, Chicago, IL, where more locations will be announced.

Michael Fant, EVP of Landmark Theater, is leading the discussion with GD Realty about managing the theater.

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