Lawrence Fishburn, Clifton Collins Jr. to star in ‘Frank and Lewis’ –

Lawrence Fishburn (John Wick: Chapter 4) And Clifton Collins Jr. (Alley of nightmares) Has been contracted to act in the next film Frank and Louis, Which Petra is a participant in Volp, managing for Zodiac Pictures and Tyler Perry’s Pittree and Vine Productions.

Inside Frank and Lewis, A man serving a life sentence (Collins) took a job at a prison to care for vulnerable inmates suffering from senile and memory loss – including Fishburn. What begins as a self-service mission for parole turns into a deep emotional and transformative relationship, giving a glimpse of liberation in an otherwise unforgiving place.

The script was written by Volpe and Ether Bernstoff. Participants will produce alongside Zodiac Pictures’ Reto Shirley and Lucas Hobby, and Pittree & Vine’s Perry and Tim Palin. Cora Olson is co-producing, Jeff Schol and participant Anikah McLaren are working as executive producers. McLaren, Elizabeth Haggard and Connor Disha will oversee the project for participants.

“Working with Lawrence Fishburn and Clifton Collins, Jr. in this intimate and emotional story has been an absolute dream come true,” Volpe said. “I am deeply grateful to the captive men I met while researching this project, and I can’t wait to bring this touching and timely story to the audience. Hopefully this film will contribute to an important conversation about aging, mental health and the prison system. “

“It’s amazing to see the growth of this project,” said David Linde, the participating CEO. “Tyler Perry joins this incredible team, teamed up with Petra, Clifton and Lawrence, to bring a unique creative dynamic to a powerful story that shows how shared empathy creates for a unified, enjoyable experience.”

Perry added, “I’ve been a longtime participant fan, and the company’s commitment to storytelling that inspires social change.” “As a lawyer for prison reform, Frank and Lewis And its strong themes resonate with me, and I’m excited to be part of the creative team that brings this story to life. “

Fishburn was nominated for an Oscar in 1994 for his role as Ike Turner in Brian Gibson’s play. What has love got to do with it?. Throughout her career, she has been honored with three primetime Emmy and a Tony, among other accolades. He is best known for his role as Morpheus The uterus Suffrage, and as John Wick Bauri King of the franchise. Soon he will play that character John Wick: Chapter 4Including additional films along the way, including Tony Kay’s drama Blackwater transitPaul Fagger School for good and evilMikael Håfström’s SlingRob Edwards’ Stealthily And Francis Ford Coppolar Megalopolis. Fishburn’s last collaboration with a participant came as part of the cast of his 2011 thriller Infectious From director Steven Soderberg, who made 136 million worldwide.

Collins is an Emmy and Independent Spirit Award nominee whose recent film credits include Guillermo del Toro. Alley of nightmaresKogonadera After YoungClint Bentley Jockey And Tate Taylors Breaking News in Yuba County. The actor has also been seen in co-series Location, Westworld, Veronica Mars, They say And Thief, Among others. She will next be seen in Renee Harlin’s action-thriller BricklayerCorey Finlay’s sci-fi picture Landscape with invisible hands And Shawn Hart’s crime films, Riptide.

Volpe is a Swiss-Italian writer-director whose films The Divine Order Won three awards at the 2017 Tribeca Film Festival, subsequently nominated as a Swiss Academy Award entry for 2018. His first film, DreamlandFour Swiss films, including his screenplay, were nominated for awards, HeidiIt is set to become the most internationally successful film of all time in Switzerland

Bernsteroff is a German film and television writer whose plays 4 Kings In 2016, he was nominated for the German Film Award for Best Screenplay. The following year, he won the German Television Academy Award in the same category.

Founded by Chairman Scholes and led by CEO Lind, Participants is a media company dedicated to entertainment that stands at the crossroads of industry and activism. Its more than 100 films have jointly nominated for 85 Academy Awards and won 21, including Best Picture. Spotlight And Green book; Best Documentary Features for An inconvenient truth, Citizen Four, Gulf And American factory; And for the best foreign language films Roma And A fantastic woman. Participants also received 44 Emmy nominations and 11 wins, including two wins for Netflix When they see us.

Schaerli and Hobi head up Zodiac Pictures – an independent production company headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland, which has produced more than 30 films and series, including Ready, steady, Charlie!, Heidi, The maze of peace And To new heights.

Peachtree & Vine is a joint venture production company created by Perry and Palin to create film, television and digital content, both scripted and unscripted. The company has previously announced the creation of a Media Origin story titled Showtime Mabel And Bloomhouse Studios is in the pre-production of a thriller with the title Help.

Represented by Fishburn CAA, Landmark Artist Management and Dale Shaw Munves; Collins by CAA, Mgmt Entertainment and Yorn, Levine, Barnes; Volpe by WME and Mgmt Entertainment; And Verlag der Autoren by Bernstorff.

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