Leading BBC brand ‘Antiques Roadshow’, ‘Song Appreciation’ tendered – deadline

The British production sector will soon have the opportunity to compete in a tender process to produce the three biggest BBC shows: Ancient roadshow, song of praise And Young Musician of the Year.

Ancient roadshow And Young Musician of the Year When tendering for the first time Song of praise Published in 2016, BBC Studios lost to independent producers Avanti and Nine Lives Media.

Five years later, those producers ended their partnership, the BBC reported.

The tendering process began when in-house producer BBC Studios was commercialized in 2016 and for the first time there was a trade-off for clothing that allowed third parties to create shows.

All shows produced at BBC Studios will have to be tendered by 2027, although none have been tendered since 2019.

During the tender process, producers and BBC studios will have to prove how they will refresh the programs.

As it looks Sports question, Holby City And Finding a deal It has been tendered and retained by BBC Studios, while its choices Mastermind And Proms Lost

David Pember, Chief Operating Officer for BBC Content, said: “These programs are important brands for the BBC and valuable to viewers. The three tenders form part of our commitment to competition and provide a significant opportunity for our rolling commissioning briefs as well as producers to pitch.

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