Legacy Jeremy Strong Ice is appearing on the London stage – Deadline

Exclusive: Jeremy Strong (Inheritance) Revealed at the Cannes Film Festival Deadline that he was determined to make time on his schedule so that he could perform on stage in London. “I missed an opportunity Bright For Evo Van Hove, and so next time I have to be ready, “he announced.

Deadline March broke the story that Ben Stiller (Museum night) Talks are under way with Belgian director Van Hove and producer Sonia Friedman (‘Harry Potter and the Cursed’ Children ‘) and Colin Calendar (The wolf is) To act in the adaptation of Stephen Kings ‘Bright’ Not a novel, but a 1980 film version of Stanley Kubrick starring Jack Nicholson.

“London’s theater has always been the Holy Grail, so I’m coming,” Strong insisted.

He admits that his screen career has kept him from performing live. He has been shooting for three seasons Inheritance And mentioned that the fourth one would shoot “at some point”, although he paused to reveal the start date.

Strong has been celebrated for his acclaimed performance as Kendall Roy Inheritance; And a powerhouse portrait of the father of director James Gray in the filmmaker’s autobiography Armageddon timeIt has been well received since its inception.

At the age of fifteen, when on his first trip to London, he slept outside the National Theater to make sure he got a ticket for Richard Eyre. (Notes on a Scandal) King Lear’s 1997 production starring Ian Holm (Hobbit).

“I remember sitting in Cotswolds watching it and it changed my life completely and I was struck by lightning. I have never seen anything like it. I don’t come from a very cultured family, and this is the first time I’ve been out of the country. It was one of the most important moments of my life and I realized I wanted to dedicate my life to it, “he said during a conversation with Deadline.

The actor apparently has an encyclopedic knowledge of London’s theater art. He was immediately able to remember Ann Mary Duff (Sex education) King Lear played the role of Cordelia in that production. He knew that the Cotteslow auditorium of the National Theater had been renamed Dorfman.

Nowhere did he know the seating capacity of the Off-West End Theater The Almeida and The Denmark Warehouse. “I like intimate places. I like places where you can work that is almost filmic in their intimacy,” he said.

Whether he will do a classic or a new drama is in the air. “I will read it and find out. And then nothing will stop me from doing it. I get to do another season Inheritance. Then I’m leaving To do Time for a play.

I will be back soon. Not now, but soon. All in preparation, ”he said.

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