Leonardo DiCaprio and his girlfriend went on vacation to France

Leonardo DiCaprio And his girlfriend went on vacation to France. Hollywood actor Leonardo DiCaprio and his favorite model Camilla Morron Decided to relax in the south of France. Popular actor Leonardo DiCaprio has taken a vacation at a French resort in St Berth. Of course, the man was not alone, he flew to rest with his girlfriend, model Camilla Morron.

Although the star couple chose France’s most elite and least populated resort, they could not avoid the paparazzi camera. Almost every day, new pictures of the couple taken by journalists appear on the network. However, this does not bother Leonardo and Camilla at all; They behave perfectly calmly and naturally in front of the camera. Moreover, the stars are constantly hugging and kissing; Looks like the couple is on their honeymoon.
This time the lovers chose for themselves a very quiet and measured rest without activity. They spend almost all of their time sunbathing on the beach and occasionally swimming in the warm seas. DiCaprio prefers not to reveal his personal life to the public. The man maintains his account for scientific and informational purposes only. The actor shares with customers the environmental issues that arise every day in the world. However, for this reason, a scandal spreads in the network.

A few days ago, a Hollywood actor and model was captured on a yacht of the same resort. And everything will be fine, but such transportation is extremely unecological. This superhero was charted for a private day by a celebrity.
It turns out that this type of transport, just over 11 kilometers, emits so much carbon into the atmosphere that it can be compared to a car’s petrol engine that is used every day throughout the year! It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.

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