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Polish filmmaker Agnieszka Smokzinska (The Lure, Fugu) With his English language debut Silent twins, The bizarre and extraordinary story of June and Jennifer Gibbons, twin sisters who only communicated with each other from the age of 8 until the next teenage years when allegations of petty theft and arson caused by drugs and alcohol landed in their strictly secured medical ward in Broadmoor for 11 years. Years before release in the 1980s. Creating their own puppets and puppets, poems and music that they only broadcast for each other on a fake radio program, “Twins” as they were called by their family fell into a strange void that became even clearer, even when they were forced to. At one point go to separate schools, and they continue on this path until the young woman becomes incredibly imprisoned for more than a decade until she gets into legal trouble, with five or six times the longest sentence for the smallest crime. .


Letitia Wright in Knockout Performance (Black leopard) And Tamara Lawrence stars Old June and Jennifer Gibbons, respectively, who were born in 1963 to the only black family in their Wales neighborhood, school officials had to separate from their classmates who came from the same notorious racist. And almost completely white area. Their unique weird mute behavior so that they could not even walk together in their own rhythm, and finally at the age of 8 they returned to their own reality, where they refused to talk, confess or communicate with family. The outside world, instead of creating them Own The world in their house, locks everyone.

There they created their own characters and puppets (visually animated sequences presented in the film), broadcast their own radio shows, created plays, poems and songs, also spoke a strange patched-together language, most of which they could speak. With a lisp it lasted for many years, despite efforts by child psychologists, school officials, and their families to get them out of it. They eventually drop out of school at the age of 16, fall in love with some American boy, and usually get what you can label as good old fashioned sex, drugs and rock n roll until some shops even set fire to a building. Deep problems with the law when they were convicted of theft, and various counts of arson.

Institutionalized at the infamous 19-year-old Broadmore, a high-security mental hospital where the youngest patients were admitted, they return to their silent world, and occasionally engage in violence against each other again. They’ve been apart for 11 years, but journalist Marjorie Wallace (played by Jodhi May) is stuck until she hears about their story and finds a way to gain their trust. Rose. For the Times of London, and later the basis of his book, The Silent Twins.

Working from an intricate and engaging screenplay by Andrea Siegel, Smokjinska finds the right tone and artistic way to visually enter their own reality, from the intriguing and humorous opening credit sequence, inside the heads of June and Jennifer. We understand, or at least Try Understand this incredible story. It’s really the story of two artists who creatively expressed themselves but weren’t taken seriously because of who they were, as many artists can prove. Despite having a 1986 BBC drama, a 1994 BBC documentary and even a 2011 stage drama, I was never aware of it. Speechless Based on their story, in addition to Wallace’s 1986 book, but the film takes a highly stylized approach to becoming much more linear than the Gibbons Twins, and perhaps more similar to the films. Diving bells and butterflies More conventional work based on true stories. Polish filmmaker Jakub Kizowski, a Polish filmmaker working for the first time in English, managed to get to the heart of it with a thrilling score and great visuals from animated scores from production designers Jagna Dobez, Marcin McCook and Juzana Ronska.

In addition to Wright and Lawrence, both have played unforgettable, young June characters, Leah Mondesier-Symonds and young Jennifer Eva-Ariana Baxter, and they are also highly effective, which has added significantly to this amazing story and extraordinary film.

Focus features have not yet set a domestic release date. The film had its world premiere on Tuesday night at the Cannes Film Festival’s Uncertain Regard section.

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