Lit Entertainment Group adds David and Patrick White to Raquel – Deadline

Exclusive: Adam Kolbrenner’s Lit Entertainment Group is expanding its ranks, adding Raquel David as manager and producer and Patrick White as creative executive.

David established himself as an indie producer and held executive positions at Screen NSW and The Seven Network in his native Australia before embarking on his US management career in 2017. He brought along clients from Lit Entertainment Group, including screenwriter / filmmaker Jenny Young. (Gordita Chronicles), Amos Mac (Gossip Girl)Dani Parker (Midnight massShawn King O’Grady (We need to do something), Perry Blackshare (They look like humans), Aizaling Chin-e (The rest of us(Johnny Ma)Live to sing(Jovanka Vukovich)Riot Girls) And Peter Hutchings (The Hating Game)

“When the opportunity arose to join the team of Adam and Lit Entertainment Group, it was not a concern for me and my clients. In an ever-changing market his tastes and instincts are both broad and exceptional. He is an avid advocate for unique, diverse and provocative storytellers. “

“It’s very exciting to be part of Raquel Litte’s team,” said Colbrener. “He has brought the perfect match for our team and an incredibly unique outlook that is reflected in his incredible client roster.”

In addition, Colebrener has expanded his executive position for film and television development through a promotion from Patrick White to Creative Executive.

“Patrick has been an integral part of Lit’s growth since its inception,” Colbrener added. “His keen eye for unparalleled talent and inherent development skills is unparalleled and I believe he will crush this new role.”

Experienced manager and producer Colebrener founded Lit Entertainment Group in 2019 and has been a Disney / Fox producer ever since. Free Guy And Amazon / Skydance movies Tomorrow’s war. On television, Colebrener is the executive producer of the HBO Max sci-fi series. Raised by the wolf Made by client Aaron Guzhikowski and the recent ABC / Hulu series Promised Land. Previously, Colebrena was an Oscar-nominated producer Captive, Directed by Dennis Villeneuve and starring Hugh Jackman and Jake Gillenhall.

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