Look at Shakira as the star of the new show – with shiny heels and a red top

See Shakira as the star of the new show – shiny heels and a red top. Shakira, a three-time Grammy winner from Colombian pop diva, reunited on stage at Radio City Music Hall with two-time Grammy nominee Nick Jonas to present the Dancing with Myself TV contest to the public at Radio City Music Hall. The show has seemed a bit unfocused in recent episodes, with singer and co-writer Lisa Koshi spying on Tikto and writing a script for an eight-episode program. Led by host Camilla Kostek, the competition will feature dance by twelve participating jurors, and the audience in the studio will decide who will receive the cash prize. The specialty of the event is that the dancers will perform in isolated capsules so as not to embarrass each other with their skills. “This competition is less judicial than voice and therefore not so traumatic in the psychological sense. Dancing with oneself is not a show of virtue, but people express their love and passion for dance, ā€¯Shakira explained. The 45-year-old Colombian opted for an ahlin scarlet silk strapless top with huge fluffy chest and high-waisted black trousers that emphasize the flawless waist of a mother of two. Her co-worker (and Priyanka Chopra’s part-time husband) Nick Jonas opted for a casual blue denim suit over a V-neck sweater and white Nike sneakers. In Super Bowl 2020, of course, it is very difficult for an actor like Shakira to create costumes. He actively walks the stage, dances, jumps and plays musical instruments. So the outfit should combine comfort and spectacular design which will look good even in a huge stadium. Norwegian designer Peter Dandas took the initiative to solve this problem. He was the one who brought the red dress, wrapped in glitter.

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