Look at Uma Thurman’s daughter Maya Haque, and her spectacular dressing style

To look Uma Thurman Her daughter and her spectacular dressing style. The Stranger Things star cleverly combines seemingly incompatible things.
Maya, the eldest daughter of Uma Thurman and actor Ethan Hawk, fell into reporters’ lenses while walking the streets of Manhattan. The girl’s street style looks impressive – it is worth noting that when choosing clothes, she is guided by her own extraordinary taste.

Once Upon a Time in … The young actress, best known for her role in the Hollywood and TV series Stranger Things, opted for wide leg cropped trousers with black stripes over a fishnet tights, a classic white blouse and a brightly colored corset top. Appliqué in the form of an apple for travel. . Maya completes her hateful outfit with black heeled sandals and a heavy burgundy leather bag.

Maya stole the spotlight at the All-Star premiere of the fourth season of Stranger Things in Brooklyn last Saturday. Robin Buckley starrer Christian Dior went to the photo booth with a red bat appliqu নী under the bust and a long chiffon skirt embroidered with unspeakable monsters in a very magical style. To enhance the effect, the actress held a clutch bag in the shape of a devil tarot card.

Maya told reporters that her gothic outfit is full of several Easter eggs that hint at the development of a new season plot for the popular Netflix project, which is set to premiere on May 27. In particular, the actress admits that the protagonists were confronted by a monster named Hoven Vekna, “just like the devil.” Remember that Mayar, 23, has a 20-year-old brother, Levon Hawke, and a 9-year-old step-sister, Luna, whom Uma Thurman gave birth to through a relationship with French financier Orpad Busan, which ended the engagement on stage.

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