Los Angeles Daily Cowid Case 2021 Summer Upward Top High Point – Deadline

Los Angeles today surpassed the number of daily cove cases at the height of the 2021 summer surge.

The County Data Dashboard indicates that as of August 9, 2021, at the top of the wave as a result of the Delta variant, 4,248 new cases were recorded in the region. Today, the LA County Department of Public Health announced that 4,384 new cases have been recorded in the last 24 hours.

The Delta variant is more deadly than the original version of the virus and hospitalizes more people on a case-by-case basis. A promising sign of the recent rise in litigation, partly driven by Omicron Subveriant BA.2.12.1, is that there appears to be no significant increase in hospital admissions. That has changed now.

By the end of April this year, even though the number of cases had risen by almost 50%, the number of daily covid-related hospital admissions in the county was about 250. Even when BA.2.12.1 spread and the number of hospital admissions is increasing in places like New York, where BA. 2.12.1 Spreading more rapidly, local officials cited the stability of LA’s healthcare system as a cause for optimism.

In a call with reporters last week, when asked about the difference in hospital admissions in coastal metropolitan areas, County Director of Public Health Barbara cites a combination of reasons for the return – including the gap between infection and illness and the protective nature of vaccines. He noted that the older people in LA County, who have a much higher vaccination rate, have a lower rate of infection.

About a week ago, however, daily hospital admissions began in LA. From 252 last Thursday, they have had 312 virus-positive patients at the county hospital this Monday. On Tuesday, the number was 327. Today, the number sits at 363. Although the numbers are still relatively small, it increased by 44% in one week.

Growing pressure on the healthcare system is the main measure that officials are looking at. BA.2.12.1 Delta is believed to have a higher growth factor than the variant, it is also believed to be less viral. This belief has given local officials hope, even as NY hospitals come under more pressure.

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