Madonna has fun in London with her friend FKA Twigs in the Flipant Mini

Madonna A flipper mini having fun with a friend in London FKA twigs . Both singers know a lot about the party and the offensive attire.

On Wednesday evening, reporters caught Madonna and FKA Twigs as the girlfriends traveled from the Twenty20 Hotel to the luxury restaurant of Andre Balajes at the Chiltern Firehouse in Marylebone, a favorite spot of celebrities on the London map.

The ageless pop diva went out to have fun with a cute ladybug embroidered along with a corset bodice and hem in a white translucent mini-dress. The casual outfit was complemented by a oversized jacket, fishnet tights, heavy black boots, red leather mittens and lots of jewelry. Her friend, with whom Madonna was holding hands, preferred mini-shorts, a hoodie with a bright appliqu,, a race-style coat, and a fiery colored bandana to go out.

The paparazzi shots suggest the two met the night before Madonna sat in the front row at a fashion show hosted by students in central St. Martin’s, London. The singer appeared on the show as the mother of a future graduate: Madonna’s son Rocco studying at Central College of Art and Design. There he met Robert Pattinson’s ex-girlfriend – singer FKA Twigs, like Madonna, known for her love of custom clothing.

That day, the star opted for a stylish rocker outfit for the release: a leather jacket with rivet embellishments, a black floor-length dress made of black satin, and all the same brutal boots. An interesting item of clothing was a huge bag in the shape of a boombox made of black leather. Madonna’s blonde locks were braided into her adorable 00-style barrett-style pigtails, showing off the 63-year-old star’s amazingly fresh colors.

Remember that Madonna recently released a clear NFT to the public, based on which she gave birth as a woman, for whom trees, butterflies and centipedes robots were born. In an interview with Mike Winkleman, the digital artist who created the provocative NFT, the singer explained that he gave birth to art and creativity.

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