Mads Mickelsen to go to Kings Land with Helmer Nicholas Arcel – Deadline

Mads Mickelsen is set to star in a new period drama King’s land (Work title) which will be reunited with the Danish actor A royal affair Director Nicholas Arcel.

The € 8M ($ 8.5M) historical feature, produced by Xantropa and will be purchased internationally by TrestonDisk, writes ArcelorMittalRiders of Justice) And 2020 is based on the best Danish book Captain and Ann Barbara.

It was set in the mid-1700s, when Danish King Frederick V declared that the wild heaths of Jutland should be controlled, cultivated and colonized so that civilization could spread and new taxes could be created for the royal house. However, no one dared to follow his orders for Heath which meant certain death and it was considered a haunted place by the fierce wolf, the highwoman and the brutal and unforgiving nature. By 1755, the lone solder Ludwig Kahlen, determined to reach his goal, jumped on Heath in a stubborn pursuit of a lifelong dream: Heath would either bring him wealth and honor or make him better.

King’s land Shooting is expected to begin on September 5 in Denmark, Germany and the Czech Republic. The international co-production is produced by Louis Vest (House made by Jack, Melancholia) And has already sold Germany (Coach Films), France (The Jokers Films), Benelux (September Films) and Hungary (Vertigo Media). Nordisk will distribute the film to Nordics and is expected to release in the fall of 2023.

“There was a great collaboration between Nicolas Arcel and me A royal affair And I’m excited to be working with her again, “Mickelsen said in a statement.” She has a surprisingly-inspiring vision for the film and she and Anders Thomas wrote an amazing script. I was deeply moved by its brutality and tenderness when I first read it. ” This is an important and interesting chapter in Danish history that will adapt to the screen and carry relevant issues to this day. “

Arcel adds, “With King’s land We will create a breathtaking, modern and epic film that embraces the darkness, humor, powerlessness, blood, sweat and insanity of the story that leads to Heath’s relentless pioneers and their enemies. “

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