Marco de Vincenzo is set to become Etro’s new creative director

Marco de Vincenzo is set to become Etro’s new creative director
In Etro, transfer, or rather, new appointment. The brand has announced that Marco de Vincenzo will replace Veronica Etro as creative director from June 1. She is known for her work for Fendi in the accessories department and, since 2009, has created her own ready-made clothing brand, Marco de Vincenzo. . At Etro, Marco will direct all directions: creating a line of men and women, as well as household goods. The first collection that Vincenzo will release will be women’s clothing for the spring-summer 2023 season. You can watch the show in Milan during Fashion Week in September.

“As part of the brand’s new course, we warmly welcome the arrival of Marco de Vincenzo. Through his sensitivity to color, print and fabric, we are confident that Marco will be able to translate Etro’s extraordinary heritage into a new interpretation of the collection, as well as revitalize the accessory world,” said Etro. CEO Fabrizio Cardinally 6

At the same time, the fashion designer will be allowed to continue developing his own brand and collaborate with Fendi‚Äôs leather products division. There is no doubt that De Vincenzo is equipped to create his own distinctive aesthetic in the style of Etro. A special yen fabric for Lurex, he told L’Oomo Vogue in 2019: “My outlook was the same; my research as a designer started from the factory and the possibilities offered by the fabric.

“Today’s press release adds that Kane and Veronica Etro, who have been designing men’s and women’s clothing at home since the 1990’s and 2000’s, will be involved in the home strategy with their brother Jacopo.

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