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In terms of flammable subject matter and director’s reputation, French writer Claire Dennis has made a remarkably unlisted and inspired film. At noon they. Set during the 1984 Nicaraguan Sandanista Revolution, this adaptation of Dennis Johnson’s novel focuses on a few Americans of dubious character published two years later who spend time in Central America before finally deciding that it’s time to split, in fact, it could be too. Of late this is a mistaken fire that, having only come from a holy French writer, is sometimes programmed into ear competitions even when it is not worth staying there.


The best scenes, though somewhat confusing, come at the beginning, as the young American so-called journalist Trish (Margaret Quali) closes it down with local politicians with whom she has a kind of tit-for-tat arrangement. Trish seems to have gone a little for her other than a little dissolved and her appearance; He was not seen actually following any story or writing anything. At the moment, he uses his greed for influence and money and can hardly be blunt about it.

The next man in his eyes was a Brit named Daniel (Joe Alvin), a rather handsome-looking young man who immediately went to the head of Trish’s Boudoir line. Also a so-called journalist, Daniel may have other fish to fry but spends so much time with Trish that it is not clear what else he is doing there at a time of local uncertainty.

Joe Alvin on Claire Dennis’s Cannes film ‘Stars at Noon’ and his “Number” “Conversation with Friends” character

Johnson, Dennis and screenwriters Leah Mycenaeus and Andrew Litvac are walking knee-deep in the Graham Green area here, not only because of the shady character layout, but also because of the uncertainty of the alliance and the examination of the romantic entanglements that arise from such intense situations. But despite Trish’s vaguely simple nature – he charges $ 50 for a session – and attractive open-mindedness, not enough character development or engagement with both personal and geopolitical issues, which can satisfy a viewer with genuine interest in what is happening here. Specific time and place.

The film avoids politics in the study, and anyone at a very young age – who can’t remember the period about 40 years ago – won’t get much of an idea of ​​who the players are, except perhaps posing as an obvious CIA agent as a businessman. . Benny Safdi of the filmmaking Safdi Brothers plays this role for the increasingly subtle effect as the men stumble upon a yarn with a cast that needed a stronger representation. Alvin obviously needed a lot more guidance than that, because he seems to have lost a key role, there is no definition of it.

For her part, Kovali is quite attractive in the beginning, as her pornographic character very clearly uses sex as the main determinant of her life. But it also gets old a little later, and the film lacks so much political context, psychological subtlety, investigation of the local situation, and simple suspense that the whole thing collapses in the absence of a strong dramatic castle.

It certainly missed an opportunity.

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