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Nostalgia seldom looks prouder or more treacherous than Mario Marton’s new film. The Italian director tells his teaming, naughty, naughty native city of Naples across the screen to tell the story of a man who passed away as a teenager but returned to his evil embrace almost 40 years later.


Much unknown to the United States, Marton has created ten features in the last 30 years. From the evidence, he knows his way around the full-blooded drama without pretending, which fits well with the story of the man who reacted more intensely to his return than he had imagined.

Felice Lasco (Pierre Francesco Favino) is a tall, bearded bear that one day suddenly appears in Naples to surprise his elderly mother. Felice is obviously a man of some sort and it is a mystery, rather deeply troubling why she has not returned to meet him in the past or takes him on a plane to Cairo, where he has lived and worked for so many years. Worse, he did not know how far his mother had fallen; Poor darling squalor life desperate with little of his name. On top of that, Marton persuades the actress, who plays the mother, to make a very revealing and rarely necessary nude scene that seems very strange in context. This whole opening part makes the central character look like a neglected jerk.

‘Nostalgia’ Trailer: Pierre Francesco Favino Mario Marton Heads To Naples For Head Competition

Since she last saw her uncle, Felice has also converted to Islam, albeit in a slightly different way. Eventually showing some guilt towards the woman who brought him into the world, Felice finds him a better flat, but soon his term expires. Oddly enough, after he leaves, Felice decides that it may be time to return to Naples the whole time, even though he has already seen Camora gangsters shooting things in the street.

Felice thought or warmed up as a frustrated companion; Although able to make important decisions, he is not terribly strong. He befriends a helper priest who urges the tourist to leave the city because he is in danger. Although he understands what the clergyman is talking about, Felice abandons her concerns because she is more confident than ever that her future lies in Naples.

It’s delightful to dive deep into this particular urban environment; You can practically smell the open market, the garbage, the collapsed buildings, the exhausts of motorbikes, and once and for all, the fresh air of the church. However, the mystery of Felice’s childhood relationship with the current leader of the camera still remains; Although the two were once best friends, there is a long-standing unfinished business that Felice could be advised to leave alone. But Felice couldn’t resist and eventually a meeting was arranged between the two.

Almost every Mafia story has a time-tested draw, and it has the great advantage of a frequently displayed real-life setting and the lack of clichd old-school conventions. When Felice finally enters the inner temple and sees her childhood friend again, she will have to face some final reckoning, now older and older than what she saw and did.

The main problem here is Felice’s lack of insight into the human condition and the reality of his birth but of which he is no longer a part; He seems to have less understanding of the rules and protocols of the mafia than anyone has ever seen Godfather Or The best singers. With his background, he should not be stupid, but he, and quite broadly, which presents him as an ultimately dissatisfied personality. Looks like he hasn’t seen a gangster movie himself.

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