Marked as Voice in Live Nation LA Exx Miami Condo – Deadline

Miami Dead Fire Rescue is reporting that live Nation executive Theresa Velasquez was heard in the rubble of a 2021 surfside condo collapse in Miami.

Velasquez was heard calling after the initial collapse of the Champlain Tower on June 24, 2021. But according to the 11-page Miami Dead Fire Rescue Memo obtained by CBS Miami, he could not be reached before the building collapsed. .

His body was recovered on July 6.

His brother, David, told CBS Miami that he acknowledged the results of the investigation into the so-called “Voice in the Wreck”.

“There’s no way to know 100%, but that seems like a logical conclusion,” he told the news outlet.

The memo, written by Deputy Fire Chief Raid Jadalla, originally identified a 14-year-old girl as the victim’s voice. Some rescuers heard trapped voices telling them he was in apartment 204, others heard 304, the apartment where Velasquez was staying with his parents.

In the collapse of the 12-story Champlain Towers South Condo, respondents first heard a bang on a wall and then reportedly pleaded for rescue of a woman on the day of the collapse.

“Everyone who was there, that’s what we’re trying to do. Get this woman out and comfort her.” He was asking for help and asking her to get out of there, “one of the first respondents told WPLG at the time.

Before: Miami-Dead County Florida police today identified the body of a 36-year-old Los Angeles major event corporation Live Nation executive as the latest victim of a surfside condominium collapse.

Theresa Velasquez arrived in Miami on June 23 to visit her parents. He arrived the night before the fall of Champlain Towers South.

The condominium collapsed at 1:25 a.m. on June 24. The 12-story Beachfront building partially collapsed in one of the deadliest structural collapses in U.S. history. The building was demolished 11 days later.

Velasquez’s parents, Angela Maria, 60, and Julio Cesar Velasquez, 67, have lived in the complex’s 304 apartments for nearly a decade.

The couple’s daughter, Theresa – aka DJ Theresa – began her musical career as a nightclub DJ in Miami Beach.

She built her career as a DJ and producer traveling internationally, attending the Super Martics in Madrid and the Circuit Festival in Barcelona, ​​the White Party in Miami Beach and the Aqua Girl in Miami, the Electric Zoo in New York and the Mistreland USA in the Misterland USA. Woodstock at Bethel, NY

He later teamed up with Grammy-nominated DJ Hector Fonseca to launch a music label, Audio4Play.

A graduate of Georgetown University in Washington, DC, Velasquez holds a master’s degree in music business studies from New York University. He then worked for Sony Music, SFX Entertainment and was an executive at Live Nation Entertainment for the past six years.

Live Nation CEO and President Michael Rapino tweeted that he was “a dear friend, daughter, sister and colleague” shortly after the fall.

The bodies of Theresa and Angela were recovered Thursday, July 8, and Julio was recovered the next day, Miami-Dade police said.

“As of Friday, July 16, 94 victims have been identified and 94 families have been notified. Calculated for 241 people, ”said Miami-Dade authorities. “97 missing persons reports have been filed with the Miami-Dade Police Department. At this stage of the recovery process, it has become increasingly difficult to identify victims, and we rely heavily on the medical examiner’s office work and the scientific, technological process to identify human remains.” It’s getting tougher, though our teams are working as hard and fast as possible. “

Officials say rescue efforts are nearing completion.

Live Nation issued a statement of condolence to Velasquez:

“Our hearts are broken for our beloved Theresa Velasquez, her parents Angela and Julio, and the tragic accident in Surfside, FL, all too soon. “We will always remember and respect his impact and miss him dearly.”

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