Marvel’s main film studio has named the most popular series

Chief Marvel Name of the most popular series in Film Studio. Marvel CEO Kevin Phase named the studio’s most popular series.
Marvel chief Kevin Phase called it the studio’s most popular series. Deadline report.

According to Faiz, the film company’s most visited project was the Loki series. Tom Hiddleston Plays a major role in the project; His character travels through time and changes history. Loki is the only Marvel show on Disney + that will be renewed for the second season.

In the coming weeks, according to the head of Marvel, the studio will begin filming the second season of the project. The series will follow the events of Avengers: Endgame, a feature film released in 2019.
Loki is the third episode of the Marvel Universe 4 series.

Earlier, Marvel Comics showed a new transgender superhero named Escaped, who could travel in space. He will be part of Marvel’s LGBT character lineup.
“For as long as I can remember, I’ve always been a Marvel Universe and constantly sang a Spider-Man cartoon song in my soul. So I was very interested in introducing a new hero and being able to stand in line with everyone. My favorite. And Morgan Red will inspire transgender and non-binary people around the world to believe that they too can fight for justice through imagination. “

Illustrator Brandt mentions that the world now needs a character like Sheila Sexton. He added that it is an honor to be a part of the process of making this superheroine.

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