Maverick ‘fires বিদেশ 33M abroad in two days – deadline

Of Paramount Top gun: Maverick His foreign debut, the clock is flying 33M From 47 markets at the international box office as of Thursday. Tom Cruise-actor officially launched offshore on Wednesday, following the preview of payments in some hubs, and today added 15 more markets, bringing the studio’s most widely released total to 62 internationally on nearly 24,000 screens.

The word of mouth in the sequel, which came 36 years after the original summer blockbuster, is great, and an $ 80M + overseas opening weekend has been confirmed.


Highlights included so far France, Which dropped to 1.8M on Wednesday, scored the biggest opening day for Paramount Live-Action headlines and cruises on the market. Added $ 2.9M to the best Ascension Day opening of any movie out there on Thursday. Roll up with preview, France earn $ 5.9M on Thursday. The movie has 4.5 out of 5 stars who came from city and province audiences.

Inside Australia, Thursday’s debut was পূর্ব 2.5M with previews totaling $ 1.5M. Down under it is the biggest opening day of the cruise. Germany Debuted $ 1.6M for $ 2.5M QM with preview Brazil Similarly has earned $ 2.5M so far Mexico At 1 2.1M.

Co-sponsored and co-produced by Skydance, the new markets added today include the United Kingdom, Spain and Japan. Overall, the movie is set to become Cruz’s all-time top opening internationally as well as domestically.

Tom Cruise and others praised Cannes after the ‘Top Song: Maverick’ screening.
Paramount Pictures

Awareness is through the roof Maverick, And deserve a shout out for the Paramount marketing team. The promotional campaign has most likely been visible from space. The film premiered in Las Vegas (where cheers and sniffles were heard from viewers) and then had its world premiere in San Diego with the arrival of a cruise on the deck of the USS Midway. From there, the team travels to Mexico City and then to Cannes where the film is greeted with a flyover and Cruise is given an honorary Palme d’Or and a permanent reception at the festival. The next day, the top choir was in London for the Royal Film Performance, and Yokohama Oceanbashi in Japan performed a fireworks display before the premiere at Peer IMAX, all of which were live-streamed at four additional IMAX theaters across the country.

All in all, Bashir Salahuddin’s Hondo tells Maverick, “And, we’re off.” We will have more updates over the weekend.

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