Maverick’s বৃহস্পতিবার 19.3 Million Views in Thursday’s Preview – Deadline

Friday noon update: It looks like Joseph Kosinsky is opening a record for Memorial Day weekend. Top gun: Maverick Set to earn $ 142.4M in four days, which would easily surpass Disney Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End Which made $ 139.8M. It took 15 years to break that record. Looks like ক্র 50M for Friday 3-day $ 117M for Tom Cruise sequel. That will create Top gun: Maverick The second largest opener after Paramount Iron Man 2 Which debuted at $ 128.1M and before 2008 State of Indiana Jones and Crystal Skull (100.1M). Top gun 2 This is the second largest opening day after the Paramount title Iron Man 2Of $ 51.1M

See, even though these numbers have dwindled, it’s still a long way off (no pun intended, Mr. Cruz) 3x Oscar nominee, the biggest opening for the 60-year-old blockbuster star. See, the industry, for some studios, it must have paid to hold their movies during the epidemic until the movies reopened.

When asked during his master class at Cannes whether live streaming was an option for Skydance’s co-sponsored film, Cruz shouted, “No, this will never happen” which triggered great applause. “It will never happen.”

Friday AM Update: After 36 years of waiting, Tom Cruise’s sequel Top gun: Maverick Finally taking a massive shutdown .3 19.3 million 3pm showtimes in the preview from Thursday and a one-time 7pm Tuesday fan event.

This is the highest grossing preview in the history of Paramount Pictures and the highest grossing Memorial Day preview in history; And of course, this is the best for the cruise. The initial estimate for the weekend was $ 80M- $ 100M in four days, and a high octane start as it could easily go ahead Top gun: Maverick At the opening of the best Memorial Day weekend of all time, the four-day total of 2007 totaled $ 139.8M. Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End.

Without any question Top gun: Maverick Also looking to be the best opener of Cruz’s career, easily surpassing his 2005 three-day cum World War Which was 64.8M.

Everything is working Top gun 2Its bias: It’s the all-time wide release at 4,735 theaters and ComScore / Screen Engine’s PostTrak has 5 out of 5 stars, with a 96% positive and a huge 84% specific recommendation. PLFs (31%) and Imax (21%) combined previewed 52% of preview ticket sales. Imax alone calculated 4.1M in previews, with Paramount headlines, a cruise movie and the top 10 all-time best Imax results for viewers.

Also for juicing box Top gun 2 After a month-long global premiere, Rotten Tomatoes has a 97% Certified Fresh score and RT has an amazing 99% audience score.

The previous big preview of Paramount was 2009 Transformers: Revenge of the Fall Including $ 16M, which was Tuesday and বুধবার 62M on Wednesday (previews have 25% of that image repeated). The best preview on Thursday for the opening of a movie on Memorial Day Weekend actually belongs to Disney Star Wars: A Single Story Which saw $ 14.1M, but repaid only 40% of its first Friday 35.3M ৷ That movie was panned by fans and yet ফলে 103M as a result of the opening of the four-day holiday.

The preview for the Paramount / Skydance feature starts at 3pm on Thursday. Also, a “top song” with premium large format, IMAX, and Dolby screens opened their screens at 7pm on Tuesday for a show only. We’ve heard the majority of the sequel’s preview cash yesterday.

Top gun: Maverick Cruz’s previous Thursday preview broke the record, which is 2018 Mission: Impossible – Fallout Which earned 6M.

Top gun: Maverick Overall the show and the studio have a little extra meaning: out of the presence of older boys, which always attracts the cruise (Fallout Drawn in 41% of men over the age of 25), it is expected that the sequel will extend to female cruise fans under the age of 25 who hung posters of her in their bedrooms and lockers in the 1980s. Last night, 57% of boys and 43% of women cast weightless votes. FalloutIt made $ 61.2M on Thursday night, repeating 26% on Friday, the first day of $ 22.8M

20th century studio

Elsewhere last night, 20th Century Studios / Disney’s Bobs Burgers Movie I saw $ 1.5M In the preview from the show, which started at 5 pm, the picture on Rotten Tomatoes is 86% fresh and the current audience score is 96%. A $ 10M- $ 14M four-day launch is expected at 3,425 US-Canada locations. Next to other previews, Sing 2 Made 1.6M on Tuesday’s first show, Charm Tuesday made যখন 1.5M when previewed Bad guys Did $ 1.2M on Thursday night before opening Friday

Disney / Marvel is one of the regularly ranked movies of yesterday Dr. Strange in Madness’s Multiverse Earned 2.4M in 4,534 theaters, down 14% from Wednesday to $ 354.4M for the three weeks running.

Focus properties Downton Abbey: A New Era The 3,820 position was second with% 1.3M down 11% from Wednesday to take the first week’s $ 22.6M.

Universal / DreamWorks animation Bad guys Yesterday was third at $ 576,000, + 1%, at 3,705 venues and a total of $ 76.7M for the current five weeks.

Of A24 Everything Everything is at At 1,576 booked on Ninth Thursday at $ 426K, -16%, and running income of $ 54.3M.

Of Paramount Sonic the Hedgehog 2 Total $ 182.6M for the current seven weeks running at about 30 330K, -4%, at 2,943.

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