Maverick’s Trailer Recovers Flag Patches in Taiwan and Japan – Report – Deadline

Its bomber jacket Top gunAccording to a report, ‘Maverick looks a little more familiar in international trailers these days Fate. The two flag patches on the back of the jackets – representing Taiwan and Japan – seem to have returned to their original places.

The flags were missing or obscured in the 2019 trailer Top gun: MaverickThis led some observers to speculate that the images had been removed to please Chinese censors. Fate Quotes News from Taiwan Note that a recent trailer has recovered the original flag symbols of the jacket

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In Top gun Universe, the jacket was worn by Tom Cruise’s Captain Pete “Maverick” Mitchell as a tribute to his late father, who wore the jacket while a member of the U.S. Navy. The costume debuted in movies in 1986 Top gun Film

In the 2019 trailer Top gun: MaverickThe symbols of the jacket seem to bear a slight resemblance to the original flag.

According to Vice World News, Hong Kong film critic Ho Xu Boon called the restoration of the flags “unprecedented”, saying “major film studios have never been ashamed of pandering to the Chinese market ৷ and while it is a common sight, editing is expensive. No one knows why.” It has been returned. “

The Daily Mail noted some negative social media reactions to the restoration, quoting a Chinese commentator as saying, “Well, don’t take our money. We’ll see the pirated version. “

Top gun: Maverick The producers did not comment on the matter.

Below is a 2019 tweet showing a screen capture of the jacket without the flag:

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