MBC to produce first Arabic-language version of Ricky Garvice’s office –

The first Arabic language version of the British Cult Comedy Classic by Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant Office It will air in the Middle East later this year following an agreement between the licensed BBC Studios and local producer-broadcaster MBC.

The 20-episode series will be renamed on the network’s TV channel and streamer Martyr VIP. Al Maktab And produced by MBC Studios, directed by Egyptian filmmaker Hisham Fathi.

In contrast to the original, the Middle Eastern version will be set in a courier service company, directed by Malik al-Tuwaif, starring Saleh Abu Amra as a self-absorbed but loving boss.

Produced and starring Gervais and Merchant, the British cult classic ran for two seasons on the BBC two decades ago, and was remade by NBC to be acclaimed in the United States by Steve Carell.

Local versions have been produced in 10 other regions, including France, Germany, Canada, Israel, India, and most recently Poland, but the MBC version is the first in Arabic.

Andre Reynaud, SVP Format Sales at BBC Studios, says: “While working in the office may look a bit different to many of us in 2022, these well-watched characters are familiar because they navigate small contests, moments of friendship and humor and a boss. That still makes themselves a fool still rings just as

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