Megan Fox behaved very politely at the party, which sparked pregnancy rumors

Megan Fox Behaved very politely at the party, which sparked rumors of a pregnancy. If you take a closer look at the latest photos of the actress, we can assume that these rumors are not baseless.

Megan Fox recently took a day off. Last Sunday, May 15, he flew to Las Vegas with his fiance Kelly machine gun For the 2022 Billboard Music Awards. The singer did not receive the coveted image, but he performed the song Twin Flame, which he dedicated to his wife – that is exactly what he said while standing on the stage. And finally, he added: “And this is for our future child,” and a heartbeat was heard. Through this performance, the actor sparked a new wave of rumors that the couple had been married for a long time and were expecting a child.

After the official part of the show, Megan and machine gun Kelly went to a bar in Vegas, where the party was held in the 2000s by the famous rapper P. DD, who recently announced that he wanted to return to the stage. The couple arrived there in a bright pink limousine, then they immediately went to the dance floor. Despite the hot dance, the actress did not drink alcohol, she drank water, although strong drinks like water were poured into the VIP zone. Many eyewitnesses have concluded that Megan is still pregnant.

Last year, in an interview, Fox said he gave up alcohol in 2009 because of an unpleasant incident. He was very nervous before the Golden Globes and to relax, got drunk and became very brave and militant, saying a lot of things that should not have happened during the live broadcast from the red carpet. With this statement, the actress has misled the entire press, blaming her constant pregnancy for the lack of alcohol in her life.

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