Mel Gibson thriller ‘On the Line’ gets US contract – deadline

Exclusive: Soap Films acquires US rights Mail Gibson Thriller On the lineWhere the Oscar winner portrayed a radio host who was confronted by a hostile caller.

In the photo, the anonymous caller threatens to kill the host’s entire family when he is broadcast. To save a loved one, the radio host has to play a survival game overnight and the only way to win is to find the culprit.

The film is the second feature of director, writer and producer Romuald Bolanzer since his debut in 2020. Connected.

On the line Also starring Kevin Dillon (EntourageEnrique Ars (Terminator: Dark Fate), William Moseley (The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe), And Nadia Fares (Luther) The film is currently in post-production, Saban Films plans to release in November 2022.

The pick was produced by Bolanzer on behalf of his company R-Lines Productions, Robert Ogden Bernham and Mark Friedman. Ali Jazairi and David Gendron of Pierre Caravano Three Point Capital, Matthew Helderman and Luke Taylor of Bondit, Gina Panebianko of Kelly Pictures and Wesley Sierrack and Joseph Panebianko as executive producers.

The deal was negotiated by Jonathan Saba, who represents international rights, for Nadine de Barros of Saban Films and Fortitude International.

Soap Films has recently acquired Anna Lily of Amirpur Mona Lisa and Blood Moon Starring Kate Hudson and Zion Jung-CO; Shane Dax Taylor’s action flick The best people Starring Dolph Lundgren and Luke Wilson; Brett Donoho Western The old way Starring Nicholas Cage; And Adam Seagal’s Reborn Dark Comedy The chariot With John Malkovich.

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