Melania Trump says she has more useful things than posing for pleasure

Melania Trump Says there are more useful things for him than posing Enjoy . Former United States First Lady Melania Trump has given her first interview since her husband left the presidency. He appeared on Fox & Friends Weekend and spoke with co-host Pete Hagseth.

In a conversation, Melania Trump mentioned that the American media treated her with prejudice. “They have people they value and people they don’t like,” the former First Lady told reporters in the United States. “It’s very clear, and I think the American people and the whole world will see it.”

Donald Trump’s wife has not regretted that during her husband’s presidency, she never appeared on the cover of Vogue magazine, which shot another first woman.

“It simply came to our notice then. Melania Trump did not rule out her return to the White House. Asked if it was possible, he replied, “Never say no.”

Earlier, it was reported that British Consumer had offered to change its name so that the magazine would not be confused with a pub. The owner of the Star Inn, a Vogue pub located in the English town of Vogue, has reacted sharply to representatives of the British version of Vogue, who demanded that his name be changed. The New York Post reported.

It happened after Mark Graham, the owner of the company, received a letter from Sabine Vanderbrook, general director of the British branch of the publishing house Condে Nast, indicating possible confusion over the use of the consonant in Pubti’s name. And the company’s flagship version.

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