Mili Bobby Brown has changed beyond recognition

Millie Bobby Brown Has changed beyond recognition. The ‘Stranger Things’ actress is nothing like herself.
Many fans of the Stranger Things series – however, the new fourth season will be released in a week – believe that off the set, Millie Bobby Brown looks much older than her year.

Typically, this happens because viewers become accustomed to on-screen films of underage actors and then begin to associate them with their favorite characters in their daily lives. And when the difference is too big, it annoys the fans. It happened to Millie, but her love of beauty tests made the situation worse.

In two years, the actress has grown from a teenager to an adult woman, although at the end of February this year, she was only 18 years old. As Millie’s figure changed (she became more feminine, which is perfectly normal for a girl her age), she decided to speed up her transition period. She made her hair bigger and lighter, the makeup artists started giving her sculptural makeup and the stylists dressed her in overly revealing clothes.

As a result, the 18-year-old Millie began appearing in the TV series Stranger Things many times bigger than her peers, considering that almost all of them are a few years older than her. But Brown is by no means complicated. In general, he feels that he really likes all these conversions, but there is a kind of discrepancy between external and internal.

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