Model Kara Deliving bought TV presenter Jimmy Fallon’s apartment for 15.

Model Who in Delevingne Bought the TV presenter Jimmy Fallon 15 15 million apartment. British model Cara Delevingne has bought a three-story apartment for American TV presenter Jimmy Fallon in downtown New York City. The New York Post reported.

Jimmy Fallon owned 465 square meters in 2002, buying them for $ 850,000. In March last year, they were put up for sale for the first 15 million. The apartment has six bedrooms and five bathrooms, which are evenly distributed on three floors.

For example, they have a fountain, a sitting room, a kitchen overlooking Grammarcy Park, a pantry, a children’s playroom, two bedrooms, the same number of bathrooms and a home office. Upstairs, there is a room with an old bar and a gas fireplace and a gym. Fallon and his wife carefully renovated the 19th-century building, restored the window frames and architrev, and restored the wooden floors.

The triplex opens with a seventh-floor foyer overlooking the living room on the first floor, the dining-room chef’s kitchen overlooking the Grammarcy Park and the walk-in pantry, as well as two bedrooms, two bathrooms and a home office. There is even an eighth-floor saloon room with a gym with a vintage bar on the faucet and a gas stove with a stone stove, as well as a massage bed and steam shower. Fallon and Juvonen take care of the renovation with restored window frames and casing, as well as restored hardwood floors. Unusual and thoughtful designs include vintage 1940 wallpapers and antiques.

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