New details of the ‘Star Wars’ series from ‘Spider-Man’ director John Watts

Details Spider-Man: No Way Home Director John Watts is new Star wars The series has been published.

This was reported last February Spider-Man: No Way Home Director John Watts was on the lookout for an upcoming untitled Star wars The series, which is currently under the pseudonym “Grammar Rodeo”, wraps up the details of most of the story, but it remains to be seen what kind of series it will be.

According to Vanity Fair, John Watts and author Chris Ford have created and will create this new executive. Star wars The series is similar to that Mandalarian And Dumb fat books, It will take place after the event JD’s return And before The forces are awake. Although details of the specific plot have not yet been released, the Vanity Fair report provides the following details, which will surely entice fans of Amblin Cinema:

The plot of “… remains a secret … a casting notice for four children, ages 11 to 12. ৷ Inside Lucasfilm, the show is described as a galactic version of the upcoming 80’s classic Amblin adventure films. Is happening. “

John Watts, who is still fresh from unprecedented box office success Spider-Man: No Way Home Marvel recently stepped down from the chair of the studio’s next director Bizarre four There seems to be no solid feeling between the two reboots, but it appears that although the filmmaker is taking a break from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, he has jumped. Star wars The franchise looks like an exciting opportunity for a new series.

For one, a new idea Star wars The series, which explores Amblin’s upcoming-of-age movies of the 1980s, is an interesting concept. Also, the idea that we will see this set after the fall of the empire can lead to some interesting and dangerous adventures. Will we see this intersection with its ongoing narrative? Mandalarian It remains to be seen, but here it is hoped that it will focus more on establishing new characters and stories without relying too much on nostalgic callbacks.

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Source: Vanity Fair

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