Noel Clarke likened the abolition of culture to “modern McCarthyism” – the period

For the first time since the announcement by the Metropolitan Police, British actor-producer Noel Clark has said that none of the allegations of sexual harassment and harassment against the Double BAFTA winner have met the threshold of a police investigation, and they will be closed. To investigate him.

Clark, who saw a catalog of canceled projects in light of the allegations against him and the closure of his production company, said Daily message:

“There have been no arrests, no charges, no trial, no verdict but I have been convicted. It’s a form of modern McCarthyism. “

He said: “If we no longer need police, judges and judges, if we only need social media and broadcasters, what world will we live in? At what stage did the broadcasters of this country become judges, judges and executioners of the people? At what point did BAFTA decide that they were no longer about film, but about judging people’s lives? It’s not about me, it’s about the big, it’s about the proper process. Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT aint for me either.

His comments came after BAFTA suspended his membership and withdrew his award for outstanding achievements in the British film industry. Guardian Newspaper complaints were made by more than 20 women and over a 15-year period, including claims of unwanted touches, wandering, inappropriate behavior and secret filming of a nude audition. Clark has always denied the allegations against him.

He is now suing Bafta and The Guardian For defamation. He is also suing magazine publisher Condে Nast, who ran part of the controversy. GQ Magazine

“Twenty years of work are gone in 24 hours,” Clark said Mail. “I lost everything. The company I built from the ground up, my TV shows, my movies, my book contracts, my respect for the industry. It hurt me in my heart and in my head in a way I can’t express.”

Looking ahead, he says he wants the film and TV industry to create a structure where “women and vulnerable people are protected but it also protects people who can be unjustly thrown under the bus” and where people “have to differentiate between a bad guy. And maybe someone did something wrong. “

Clark added that he did not see an easy way to return to his career after being “canceled” by BAFTA, the broadcaster and production company.

“None of them want to be wrong. They made such a big, bold statement. Then there’s the current climate, the moment someone talks, or even says, ‘Wait a second, what’s the point?’ Society is also leaning towards them. ”

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