‘November’ star Jean Dujardin and creator Cedric Jimenez in portrait – Deadline

J.ean Dujardin and Cédric Jimenez, star and director of the French Paris Terror Attack November, They said they did not want to portray the police as the “heroes” of the attackers but aimed at an Uber-realistic presentation of a “deep secret” section.

The next day Cannes spoke at a press conference November At the premiere, Jimenez said his goal was to show how the Counterterrorism Unit felt five “terrible days” at which officers were given “huge responsibilities.”

“The idea was not to turn them into heroes,” he added, by the cast and crew. “Even though the situation was resolved, there were only losers: many people who died, witnesses who were devastated forever, police officers who resigned because it was such a terrible ordeal. In such an event, there is no winner. “

Dujardin, who also directed Jimenez’s 2014 film ConnectionAgreed with his director and said that his goal in portraying Fred’s leadership was to “concentrate on the event because we were completely immersed in the situation.”

“We didn’t have time to work on their psychology, we were working as a team and you really feel it in the picture,” he explained. “These people are not heroes, but what they did was heroic. It’s like a pyramid, the whole team is heroic. “

Also starring Sandrin Kiberlein Hellois and the character French Transmission Breakout Leena Khaudri, November Five days after the devastating November 2015 attack on the Bataclan concert venue in Paris and elsewhere, more than 100 people were killed. Five days later, suspected lead operative Abdelhamid Aboud was killed along with two others in a police raid.

It was crucial to portray the events realistically, and Dujardin said police advisers and counterterrorism officers spent a lot of time on the set.

“When we were shooting the scene, they told us ‘go faster’, ‘go slower’ or whatever you have,” he said. “In terms of events, we wanted things to be very realistic and at the right pace.”

Although the incident was extremely traumatic, author Olivier Demangel said he wanted to tell the story of this traumatic event without talking about “traumatism”, which Jimenez described as “dignified”.

Jimenez added: “I wanted to take a humble approach and be calm in what I portrayed. I didn’t want to be on top of the subject but I wanted to be very simple with the right pace and full immersion in events.”

The trial of the Battalion suspects, who are still alive, is under way, but Jimenez has rejected the notion that his film will predict the case, saying it will probably premiere once the trial is over.

He added, “Trial and my film are two completely different things. “What you’re seeing in the film is not even a tenth of the legal process, it’s just five days.”

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