One Republic shared ‘I’m not worried’ from the ‘Top Song: Maverick’ soundtrack.

OneRepublic shares ‘I’m not worried’ from the top song ‘Maverick’ soundtrack. In June, the band may release a new album, “Never Ending Summer.”

One Republic has released the track “I’m Not Worried” which will be featured in “Top Song: Maverick”. Together with the track, the group showed a clip with frames from the picture.

In addition to “I’m Not Worried”, the soundtrack to the new “Top Song” will include Lady Gaga’s “Hold My Hand”, along with Hans Zimmer, Harold Faltmeyer and Miles Taylor. But the Twenty-One pilot was first invited to write the music for the film, but then Tom Cruise “fired everyone.”

Tyler Joseph added that he didn’t start recording the track when it ended abruptly. He cites changes in the film caused by the epidemic as one of the possible causes.

As a result, the main song of the top song: Maverick was recorded by Lady Gaga – her track “Hold My Hand” was released in early May. According to the singer, he worked on it for more than a year.
Twenty One Pilots’ latest album, Scaled and Icy, was released in May 2021. Top Gun: Maverick will be released worldwide on May 26

One Republic’s latest album, Human, was released in the summer of 2021 The band released the song “Sunshine” recorded for the movie Big Red Dog Clifford in the fall. According to Genius, “Sunshine” and “I’m Not Worried” One Republic’s new album “Never Ending Summer” may be released, probably in June. Also on the tracklist are “West Coast” and “You War Loved”, a duet with Griffin.
Top Song: Maverick hits theaters May 26. In addition to Tom Cruise, it stars Val Kilmer, Miles Taylor and Jennifer Connelly.

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