‘Original Scene’: Rogan Production Forging Gerhard Johnson Van Vuren Doc –

Exclusive: Bafta-winner Rebellion Producer Rogan Productions and Electric Shadow Company are forging The main sin, A documentary miniseries in search of South African murderer Gerhard Janssen van Vuren and his trial.

After witnessing and violently killing his girlfriend Andrea Venter, just 25 years old, in front of CCTV cameras and twice escaping from prison, Van Vuren has evaded authorities across two continents over the years, taking three different identities and having families with several different women. Started. Before being caught in 2020.

His trial was filmed as part of the dock and is due to take place next month, when producers gained access to many of the main characters in the case, along with the archives of both Van Vuren and Venter’s family.

Producers are making it as a mini-series but have the option of making a feature film. African producer Multichoice Studios is also on board and The main sin Created in collaboration with Combined Artistic Productions and Red Earth. Electric Shadow Company is also financing.

Filmed in Johannesburg, Campo Grande and Rio de Janeiro.

Director John Guterres said he was drawn to the story because his “family has struggled with mental illness and violence for generations.”

“Exploring the question of how a traumatic environment can lead to violence and, in extreme cases, a murderer, gives me insight into the emotional trauma my own family has experienced and what I still carry,” he added.

Rogan’s founder and producer James Rogan called the event “a tragic tale of flight from abuse, murder and justice that goes deep into the unresolved traumas that still plague South Africa.”

Rogan is producing with Sarah Laita, Jay Taylor, Mark Hezekou and Solata Rogan.

Rogan Productions is one of the most popular documentary producers in the UK, with credit to Steve McQueen’s BAFTA-winning BBC Rebellion Doc, Stephen: The Murder that changed a nation And Diana: The interview that shook the world.

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