Ozzy Osbourne’s new album will be released this fall

Ozzy Osbourne Its new album will be released this fall. Musicians from the Red Hot Chili Papers and Metallica took part in the recording.
Oz Osborne’s wife Sharon Osborne has announced when the musician’s new album will be released. He shared some details in an interview with Graham Norton.

According to Sharon, Ozzy Osborne’s new album is due out in September. It was previously reported that the record could see daylight in the spring – in April, Osborne announced that it had finished work on the material.
The exact release date of the album is still unknown. However, in November 2021, Sony Music – the corporation that has the Epic label – reported that the album should be released by the end of April.
In an interview with Metal Hammer Magazine, Ozzy Osborne revealed that his new work would resemble “the common man.” During the recording of the material, Osborne collaborated with Red Hot Chili Paper drummer Chad Smith, Metallica bassist Robert Trujillo, Fu Fighters drummer Taylor Hawkins, as well as Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck and Black Sabbath guitarist Tony Yomi.

Ozzy Osbourne’s latest album, Ordinary Man, was released in February 2020. Elton participated in the recording of John and Post Malone. The new record will also feature star guests – Eric Clapton and Jeff Beck, as well as musicians from the Red Hot Chili Papers, Metallica and Foo Fighters. Previously interviewed by Watt Guitar World Magazine and revealed that “a lot of people are working on the album.” He added that he has not yet released all the information. But he admits he started working on a few common tracks with Red Hot Chili Papers drummer Chad Smith and Metallica bassist Robert Trujillo. Both musicians have previously collaborated with Osborne.

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