PA for the Senate seat. Very close to Oz Race Call, recount is likely to be seen –

Despite stamps of support for former president and co-star Donald Trump, the US Senate nominee for celebrity-doctor, Dr. Mehmet Oz failed to win a Republican nomination for the U.S. Senate seat held tonight by retired GOP Sen. Pat Tommy.

Oz and former hedge fund executive Dave McCormick, the two front-runners in the race that is very close to the call, McCormick received 31.2% of the vote and Oz 9 pm PT, according to the Washington Post. Under Pennsylvania law, any vote margin below .5% is automatically recounted.

Competition was fierce after the vote closed and intensified as the results came out, confirming the recount. Of the 1.1 million Republican votes in the primary, Oz and McCormick separated by only 1477 votes, according to Fox News.

A Dark Horse candidate, Kathy Burnett, who raised far less than her well-known opponent but raised a wave of support late in the race for a strong debate performance, is likely to come in at 24.7%. It has good ROI, considering Oz and McCormick lent their own campaigns ধার 12 million and $ 11 million, respectively.

Oz is a longtime resident of New Jersey, but according to the Associated Press, he registered at his father-in-law’s suburban Philadelphia suburb last year to vote for absentee voters, qualifying him to run for state this year.

He was overwhelmed by potential supporters at a rain rally held with Trump on May 7th. He probably didn’t change the minds of those Pennsylvanians when he denied last week that the 2020 election was rigged. Support for that false narrative has been a litmus test for many Trump supporters.

Late Tuesday night, Oz came on stage at his campaign headquarters and admitted that there would be no results tonight, but he was confident of victory. “I would be proud of you,” he told Trump.

He went on to thank Fox News’ Shawn Hannity for the late-night conversation and advice.

“Sin is like a brother to me,” the TV doctor told the crowd. “When Shawn punches, he punches the wall.”

Whatever the new Republican nominee, he will face Lieutenant Governor John Feterman, a popular Democrat who fitted a pacemaker today after suffering a stroke last week, easily defeating his main rival, Republican Connor Lamb. State Representative Malcolm Kenyatta is in the running for his party’s nomination for the seat.

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