Plus-size model Ashley Graham has teamed up with the Knicks to launch an underwear line

Plus-size model Ashley Graham Has been grouped with Knicks The Daily Mail reported to launch an underwear line.
“Me and my postpartum body feel sexy, confident and irresistible in my personal lingerie collection,” the model said on Instagram.

While creating the collection, Graham was inspired by the diversity of women’s bodies, so the line is presented in a wide range of sizes. In addition to everyday underwear, Ashley Graham, along with designers, has come up with special absorbent underwear that protects against leakage during menstruation.
“For me, the main thing is effectiveness,” the model notes. What does the thing look like under my clothes? What is my mood when I put it? We have taken this into account. “

Graham mentions that he likes to focus on his underwear when creating pictures; For example, she always unbuttoned her shirt so that her bra was visible.
The new Graham collection will be priced at ব্র 48, a body at $ 72, and panties at ব্র 24 for future customers.
Earlier, it was reported that any style swimsuit looks cheap and tastes lacking. Stylist Clemy Fieldsand explains that model girls should never buy any swimwear. He told The Sun about it.

She suggested avoiding a bikini with a “veil” bra that exposed the lower part of the chest. This model is suitable only for young girls with elegant form. You can look cheap due to a swimsuit with a push up effect. Wearing it in summer is also the most uncomfortable and harmful.

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