Porsche Williams celebrates Kandy Baras’ birthday – check out his post

Porsche Williams Celebrates its birthday Kandi Baras . Check out the post he shared on his social media account below.

” Happy birthday! I hope all your birthday wishes and dreams come true. – @ Kandi ‘Porsha said for Kandi.

Someone else said: ‘Happy birthday to the inventor of the scrub. Happy National Baras Day, ‘and one commenter posted it:’ Look at her, how she looks …. now @ porsha4real they are this birthday photo 1la @ ShemaMarton is crying now তাই so I know when Sis hit Urs’ I hope you will eat and not leave any pieces. ‘

More fans jumped at the comments and praised both Porsha and Kandi. People wished Kandy a happy birthday.

Porsche Williams Cynthia is admiring Bailey. He tells fans that he hasn’t had much fun with her in a while.

‘I didn’t get a very good smile like that Cynthiabili in Chile and I shared it for a while last night. I really missed my daughter. We were reminded that there is no Kiki like us when we are together! I wonder why we always sat next to each other in reunions! Can’t take us anywhere! #InRealLife #RhoaSisters #FreeSpirits #GoofBalls #PWillCHill #[email protected]Porsha said.

Cynthia jumped into the comment and said: ‘Girl !!!! Nice to meet you again. Life is too short! Sooooo lots of fun reconnecting. Live, smile and love !!!! Congratulations for everything !! ‘

One fan said: ‘You always seem to have a relationship where you start laughing or laughing when you see the guy, no words are needed.’

Porsche Williams Pose with recently John Legend And left fans in awe. People expected in the comments to praise both of them as if not tomorrow.

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