Porsche Williams has an important message about Breona Taylor

Porsche Williams There is an important message about Breona Taylor. Check out the post he shared on his social media account below.

Someone said: ‘I swear she can’t be my sister or anything else .. their police and their family have to leave town .. eye to eye.’

One commenter posted: ‘Actually. Daniel Cameron will have to be defeated in the next election. I was completely surprised to see the judge signing the warrant without any question, Mary Shaw, winning her primary. Let’s go people !! ‘

Another follower said: ‘His name is still trending ….. anidanieljaycameron has not forgotten him.’

Someone else said: ‘You know I pray that they do not sleep or eat. God’s wrath is worse than the punishment of man but justice will be done.’

One fan said: ‘Don’t worry they will serve forever when their soul is no longer with their body.’

Someone else said: ‘This needs to be discussed more widely – and the scandalous artist of the century BLM Patrice Khan-Coolers.’

Porsha Williams shared a photo featuring her daughter PJ, which will surely make the day of many fans. Check out the post he shared on his IG below.

‘Give it back on Thursday !! My baby had a fever when he saw these pictures of my Whittle Princess @ Pilarjhena, ‘Porsha captioned the post he shared via his social media account.

Someone said: ‘Go head sis u still have to boss someone ই gr8 mom @ porsha4real anyway young @ Pillarjhena’ and a follower posted this message in a comment: ‘Congratulations. So happy for you

One follower said: ‘Girl, don’t say too loud, they won’t miss the swimmers,’ and one commenter posted this: ‘The way you cleaned that plate on the last slide.’

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