Prince Harry’s ex-girlfriend Chelsea Davy is married

Prince Harry His ex-girlfriend Chelsea Davy is married. A few years ago, Prince Harry was the chief lady of the British Crown, who could conquer any girl just by her looks and smile. One of them was Chelsea Davy, with whom the Duke lasted almost seven years. Then, unfortunately, the lovers had to leave because the girl did not like constant attention from the press. Chelsea Davy once admitted that he was frustrated by such an excessive public lifestyle, but now Davy’s life is in full swing.

It has recently been revealed that Prince Harry’s ex-boyfriend has tied the knot with Sam Cutmore-Scott. It happened four years after Harry married Megan Merkel. However, Chelsea Davio was present at the royal celebration. “They’re married. Very few people knew about it,” said columnist Richard Eden. It is known that Chelsea Davy’s husband is 36 years old; He is a businessman and a former lawyer. The couple has a son, Leo, who was born in January of this year.

It turned out that Davy had announced his marriage in an exciting way: the girl sent a picture of a pair of her friends’ wedding rings, one of which was adorned with sapphires. It is noteworthy that Sam Cutmore-Scott owns the hotel and is the brother of actor Jack Cutmore-Scott. Also, many experts suggest that Sam is familiar with the Duke of Sussex: he is one year older than the prince and has studied at Eaton College. In this prestigious boarding school, members of the royal family were students.

Many years ago, experts predicted a marriage and family life for Prince Harry and Chelsea Davy. There was even a rumor on the net that the couple’s engagement was delayed due to the marriage of Prince William and Kate Middleton. However, experts say Davy felt he could not cope with the pressures of royal life.

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