Queen Elizabeth II, dressed in a warm pink coat, attends the Chelsea Flower Show

Queen Elizabeth II Dressed in a warm pink coat, he took part in the Chelsea Flower Show in an eco-friendly golf cart.
Last Monday, Elizabeth II visited the flower show in Chelsea. The king came out in a bright pink dress-coat – to match the event because the queen looked like a real English rose.

It is noteworthy that the exhibition was held using new technology which helped to hide the problem of the Maharaja with the movement. The fact is that the Queen, along with the organizers of the exhibition, came directly to the event in a golf cart, in other words, a trolley that runs on solar batteries, a very environmentally friendly and safe way to power the equipment. .

A spokesman for Buckingham Palace warned: “Adjustments have been made for the Queen’s comfort.” It is noteworthy that the king was accompanied by Princess Beatrice, her husband Eduardo Maple-Mozi, as well as Prince Edward and Countess Sophie of Wessex. Also in attendance were the Dukes of Kent and Gloucester, Prince Michael of Kent and Princess Alexandra. However, the show, like other high-profile celebrations, was set to coincide with the Queen’s 70th anniversary on the British throne – her platinum jubilee.

Surprisingly, the main achievement of the exhibition was the steel frame, the outline of the portrait of the Queen, which was used on the British stamp. By the way, the frame 70 is complemented by terracotta plant pots. The pride of the event was, of course, the garden of the Royal Air Force Charitable Foundation. It is noteworthy that the organization honors and supports British veterans (as well as their families) who fought in World War II for more than a hundred years. The mind is amazed at the beauty of the Charitable Foundation’s garden, which works on people’s mental health. In this garden, everyone can easily find a conversation and discuss the benefits of eco-therapy.

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