Quinta Brunson Receives Request for ‘Abbott Elementary’ Shooting Episode – Deadline

After yesterday’s horrific school shooting in Texas, ABC producer, executive producer, writer and star Abbott PrimaryQuinta Brunson, who went on social media today, has been repeatedly asked by fans to address what she said.

“How many wild people have asked for a school shooting episode of my writing show,” he began. “People have moved away from demanding more from their elected politicians and are instead demanding ‘entertainment’. I can no longer ask ‘OK’ because the answer is ‘No’.

Brunson, there was a request for people who turned up.

“Please use that power to tell your chosen officer to get beto time and nothing less. I want you. “

He then explained his reasoning.

“I don’t want to make bad words, but I want people to understand the error of asking for something like this. We are not right. This country is rotting our brains. I’m sorry about that. “

Inside Abbott Primary, A group of dedicated, passionate teachers – and slightly deaf-principal – are gathered at Philadelphia Public Schools where, despite the adversity against them, they are determined to help their students succeed in life. While these incredible government employees may be much more and less meaningless in numbers, they like what they do – even if they don’t like the low-profile attitude of the school district towards educating children.

Half-Hour was the No. 1 new comedy in two years for ABC’s 18-49 adults, and the season’s No. 1 comedy for 18-49 adults in the tie with CBS. Ghosts. It has already received a Season 2 renewal.

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