Rebel Wilson spoke of the former co-star’s sexual harassment

Rebel Wilson The former co-star spoke of sexual harassment. Rebel Wilson spoke of sexual harassment by a former colleague. Rebel Wilson, a 42-year-old Australian actress, spoke of sexual harassment by a former colleague on the set. The artist has shared the details of that incident with the people.

According to the star of “Dirty Scammers”, this happened several years ago. With the actor, whose name Wilson chose not to name, he took part in a project when he started harassing her.
“He called me into the room and took off his pants. It was horrible and disgusting,” the actress admitted. The star added that after that, the actor invited her to have sex with his friends.

The artist added that she immediately “documented” the harassment and reported the incident to her agent, as well as the management of the film studio, after which it was revealed that she had become the fourth woman to file a complaint against the man.

Wilson said he had been harassed before the #metoo movement was created to support victims of sexual violence. “They were trying to ruin me and my career. If it had happened after #metoo, I would have just blown them away,” said the artist.
Earlier, it was reported that Sarah Jessica Parker, the star of the “Sex and the City” series, had cut off contact with her co-worker Chris Knott over allegations of actor violence.

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