Removes Kate Phillips from BBC Factual and Arts Post Director – Deadline

The BBC has officially shut down the Director of Factual, Arts and Classical Music after an interview process and has instead promoted entertainment boss Kate Phillips to the newly created director of Unscripted Post.

After a month-long process, Deadline revealed last week that none of the finalists had succeeded in replacing Patrick Holland as director of factual, arts and classical music, with Chief Content Officer Charlotte Moore reconsidering the nature of the role.

His solution, unveiled this afternoon, was to restructure the post by closing the post and transferring entertainment director Phillips to the director of Unscripted, bringing entertainment, reality, art and classical music, daytime, early-picks and events to a commissioning unit.

To effectively replace Phillips, an entertainment commissioning chief will be appointed, who has been in the post for almost five years. Strictly Come Dancing And Top gear. He was the creative director of the BBC Worldwide format.

The new structure will report to Phillips:

  • Suzy Klein, head of the Arts and Classical Music Commission
  • Head of Daytime, Early Peak and Event Commissioning Lindsay Bradberry (acting)
  • Documentary chief, History and Religion Commissioning Claire Celery
  • Head of Entertainment Commissioning will be notified
  • Jack Buttell, Head of the Department of Natural History and Science Commissioning
  • Katherine Catton, head of popular factual and factual entertainment commissioning

The BBC says Phillips will “empower relevant heads while ensuring the Commission’s portfolio is aligned with the agreed audience and delivery objectives.”

Moore says: “Working as a controller for BBC One, running Entertainment for the past 5 years and before that, the unique experience of BBC One and BBC Three’s channel executive, creative director of BBC Worldwide format and his years of production have given him a unique place. To lead across this role.

“He is an outstanding leader and manager with an exemplary track record of working with commissioning, suppliers and talent, and he understands the critical and complex role of unscripted drama in both iPlayer and Channel.”

Phillips added: “This new role not only allows our unwritten teams to do their best creatively, but also to collaborate more with each other, leading to exciting opportunities for all of our on-screen and outside talent.”

Holland moved to Banijai late last month and took over the role of co-chair / CEO overseeing UK labels at French-headquartered Superindy.

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