Renee Zellweger shows off a pantsuit that will thin any figure

Renee Zellweger Displays a pantsuit that will thin any figure. A movie star with colleagues at a special screening of the “Have Something About Palm” series.
Two-time Oscar winner Renee Zellweger was spotted with Josh Duhamel and Judy Greer at an NBC event in Hollywood on Wednesday night.

Stylist Petra Flannery offered the 53-year-old actress an elegant and pathetic bow in a completely black style: a Gucci trouser suit and high-heeled pump from the eschatology line. Renee’s outfit surprisingly matched the pantsuit she wore to the New York premiere of “There’s Something About Palm” on March 7.
While posing on the black carpet, Zellweger shared a smile with the 46-year-old Detroit-born man who played Leah Askey, a former Lincoln County prosecutor, in a limited series.

Judy (born Judith Evans) wore a bright green puff-sleeved top with a midi skirt, green clutch and yellow pumps chosen by stylist Carla Welch.
Ombre curled up the golden-haired locks beside her for the celebration of Greer’s prize season.
The SAG Award nominee completes her look with a pink pout, pink cheekbones and black cat eyeliner.

Recall that the mini-series is based on a podcast of the same name, which deals with the murder of a woman in Missouri, where her husband was initially accused, but in the end, the chain of events leads the investigation to the heroine. The main plot of the Friend Show: Renee had to get fat for the role again (which she did twice to film Bridget Jones), but this time exclusively through the efforts of make-up artists and costume designers.

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