Return of the Unruly King: Juan Carlos first visited his native Spain

The return of the unruly king: Juan Carlos first visited his native Spain for the first time in two years of his exile.
This Monday will be the most scandalous in the history of modern Spain because it is known that exiled former King Juan Carlos I returned to Madrid. Some praised the former king’s bravery, but many did not support the king’s move. At home, Juan has only spent four days, and tonight Carlos and I will return to Abu Dhabi.

Recall that in 2014, Huang left and moved to the UAE. Carlos I’s visit is likely to be linked to the news that two months ago, the Spanish prosecutor’s office announced the end of an investigation into the former king’s financial dealings and conspiracy. The court cited insufficient evidence, and the immunity he maintained for himself while on the royal throne also influenced the outcome.

Juan arrives in Spain on a private flight and lands at Vigo Airfield on the northwest coast of Galicia. The first footage of the former king, who arrived in Spain, appeared on May 19, when he took part in sailing regatas. Carlos, I showed up at the airport wearing a blue jacket, blue shirt and beige trousers. The king was greeted by his daughter, Princess Helena, who hugged his father tightly. However, Boat Club owner Juan-Pedro Campos said the former king was “very excited” about his return.

However, not everyone was happy with the former king’s arrival: for example, Nadia Calvino, Spain’s economy minister, condemned Carlos I’s visit. “The information that has come to light is very disturbing for the monarchy and power. I believe he has to give an explanation,” Nadia confirmed.

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