Ricky Garvis has defended his Netflix show against LGBT rights group comments

Ricky Garvey His new show, Supernatural, which was streamed, was recently the subject of controversy Netflix Came under fire from LGBT Rights group Ricky Garvis is not unfamiliar with the controversy, as he is known for coming on stage and making jokes about issues that most people would consider ‘subtle’. Her performance as a host of awards ceremonies, such as the Golden Globe, has attracted a lot of attention. When Ricky Gervais grabs a mic, everyone stands on their toes.

In a similar fashion, Gervais’s performance in Supernatural saw him find humor in issues such as gender identity and the gay community, which can tip most comedians. Such material led GLAAD, one of the American LGBT rights groups, to consider its program as ‘dangerous’ for the LGBT community.

GLAAD’s official Twitter account said, “It’s full of graphic, dangerous, anti-trans rentals that are disguised as jokes.” GLAAD also expressed its displeasure that despite having a policy that prohibits streaming of hateful and violent provocative content, Netflix is ​​not canceling Gervais shows. Netflix is ​​not uncommon for such reactions from listeners, most recently, they have also received negative feedback about Dave Chappell’s routine, claiming that his show was transphobic.

However, Ricky Gervais defended his show, claiming that the elements of his show were not a profound reflection of the attitudes and values ​​he held in his own life. Garvis said it was his specialty to joke about forbidden things and he liked to take his viewers to areas where they did not go into the world of comedy.

The co-creator of the office said, “Most of the crime comes from the fact that people misunderstand a joke with real intent.”

After that comment, Ricky made it very clear that he was not opposed to anything and that he supported people’s right to self-determination, whether it was their gender, their sexuality or the pronoun of their choice, he did not oppose any of it.

“It’s crazy to think that joking about anything means you’re against it,” Garvis’s last remark was.

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